Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Money tree - feng shui meaning, how to plant and care for it

 I. What is the money tree?

The money tree is also known as the lucky money tree, wealth tree or wealth tree. This plant grows in bushes with a typical height of 0.3 to 1 meter.

As a plant originating from Africa - a place with a harsh climate, the money tree has longevity, is very drought-resistant, and is especially easy to care for and cultivate.

Like other trees, the money tree absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen, which purifies the atmosphere, providing a fresh living environment. In addition, the money tree is also used in the living room, desk, and office to decorate and beautify the room.
Not only that, with its unique name and spiritual feng shui meaning, the money tree is used as a gift for each other on special occasions such as grand openings, new homes, new years, and to convey prosperity. prosperity, wealth, fortune and affluence.

2. The meaning of the money tree in feng shui

Dissecting the meaning of "Money", Kim means wealth and fortune, "Money" means wealth and prosperity. Therefore, the money tree carries the meaning of fortune, prosperity, good business, and smooth sailing.

In addition, the money tree has a proud tall trunk with green leaves facing upwards, symbolizing the hands of heaven bestowing fortune, meaning abundant money and support from noble people.

In particular, when the money tree blooms, it is a sign of outstanding development in all aspects of the homeowner.

Therefore, the tree is liked to be planted by office workers, business people, and people to bring good luck, smooth trading, and wealth and money to the homeowner, as its name suggests.

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