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A guide on how to raise a healthy Pitbull dog for newbies

 The Pitbull is known as a dog that is loved by many people because of its toned and healthy appearance. So, today let's learn together the guide on how to raise a Pitbull dog to grow healthily for beginners.

Pitbull dog appearance characteristics

This dog breed is medium sized, about 50cm tall and weighs about 15-30kg. They have short fur, short tails and characteristic drooping arms.

Personality characteristics of Pitbull dogs

This is known as a fierce dog breed because of its fierce appearance, sharp teeth, and fierce red eyes. Therefore, Pitbull dogs are one of the dangerous dog breeds to humans.

Classification of Pitbull dogs

There are 4 popular types of Pitbull dogs:

American Pitbull Terrier: is the Pitbull breed with the most balanced body, height from 43 - 53cm and weighs only about 15 - 30 kg. They have almond-shaped eyes and short, folded ears.

American Staffordshire Terrier: overall looks quite similar to the APBT, however they are smaller and shorter.

2How to raise a Pitbull dog

Pitbull dog food

Pitpull dog diet by age

Pitbull puppies are 2-4 months old

At this age, puppies are starting to learn to eat and their digestive systems are not yet developed. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare soft and easy-to-digest dog foods. In particular, at this age, dogs should not be given fresh foods that affect the digestive system.

Pitbull puppies are 4-6 months old

At this stage, you need to provide your dog with more protein through meats, reduce the amount of starch and feed your dog about 3-4 meals/week.

You should remember not to feed your dog too much fat because it will cause overweight, and you can let them chew on soft bones like chicken to exercise your dog's jaw muscles.

Pitbull dog over 6 months old

Over 6 months old, the dog's digestive system has stabilized and developed, so you can feed them meat or fresh foods. You can reduce your dog's meals to 2 meals/day. And it's best to limit the amount of starch and fat, while increasing protein and calcium to provide energy and create a strong skeleton for your Pitbull.

Detailed menu for pitbull dogs

For young Pitbull dogs, they need to be fed an amount of food per day corresponding to 10% of their total body weight. For example: A Pitbull dog weighs 10kg - the corresponding amount of food that needs to be supplemented is at least 1kg/3-4 meals/day.

Adult Pitbull dogs need to be fed a volume of food per day corresponding to 7-8% of their body weight. The Pitbull dog weighs 30kg - the minimum amount of food is 1.5kg/2 meals/day. Pitbull dogs often love eating beef, they can eat 1.5-2kg of beef in a day.

How to care for and clean Pitbull dogs

With Pitbull dogs, you need to feed them with adequate nutrients. Every day you can feed your dog 3 meals and divide the time between each meal about 5 hours. In addition to regular foods, you can supplement nuts specifically for dogs.

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