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Top smartest Cat breeds in the world 2020

 For cat lovers, the smartest cat breeds in the world must also be a topic of interest to everyone. In today's article, Dog Paradise will share with everyone the top precious cat breeds, the most intelligent cat breeds in the world.

1. Smart short-haired Abyssinian cat

Holding the top position in the top 10 beautiful cat breeds, the most intelligent cat breeds on the planet are the Abyssinian - an ancient cat breed originating from Egypt. This is considered the ancestor of the domestic cat that we often keep. Currently, the Abyssinian is extremely popular in the US and has become the most popular short-haired cat breed here.
The Abyssinian cat is recognized as an exceptionally intelligent animal. They are very close to humans and often play with their owners, even "reading" their minds; so they are often rewarded with a lot of snacks - cakes - cat grass and delicious cat food. This cat is famous for the level of intelligence that it was mentioned in the animated movie "The Simpsons" with the ability to change TV channels.
In addition to a high IQ, the smart cat Abyssinian also has a stubborn, naughty and sulky personality. If left unattended or displeased, these cats will act as sad and angry as a little girl being pampered.

2. Turkish Van Smart Cat

The distinguishing feature of this intelligent cat is that it has a long, white coat with colored patches on the tail and body. They also have a long tail, big round eyes and a relatively large body.
The Turkish cat has a knack for jumping very far and swimming well, and loves to play in the water. Therefore, Turkish sailors often kept this cat on ships to catch mice.

3. Scottish Fold smart cat

Like its name suggests, the Scottish Fold Smart Cat originated in Scotland. They are very loved and favored by their striking amber-yellow eyes on their ash-gray fur, their chubby bodies and their cute little ears.

The Scottish Fold cat's trait stems from a natural genetic variation, because a dominant gene affects the ear cartilage so it cannot keep the ears upright. Besides, this short-haired cat breed is also impressed by the cold "charismatic" "no different from the Boss".

But that's not all. Many times people only care about this cat's appearance but forget that Scottish penguins also possess a very high IQ. They can play games, cat toys that require intelligence, such as Puzzles.

4. Smart Cat Burmese (Burma)

Although it was first discovered on the border area between Burma and Thailand, today, the Burmese intelligent cat breed is most widely kept in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Thanks to hybridization techniques, the Burmese cat has gone from having only one coat color, brown-black, to now have many other coat colors, suitable for many preferences and needs of cats and kittens. owner.
This cat has a talent for performing difficult movements such as acrobatics, walking on ropes, walking on hind legs, fetching items on demand, etc.

5. Tonkin Smart Cat (Tonkinese)

This cat is extremely sociable and loves to play. Baby can get acquainted and play with not only humans or fellow humans but also with other animals such as birds, rabbits, dogs... in a very sociable manner.

6. Cornish Rex Smart Cat

As a result of a genetic mutation, the entire body of the intelligent cat Cornish Rex is covered with only a layer of fluff, which appears to be hairless; Therefore, using a grooming tool for cats to groom is also quite easy. They also have oversized ears and wrinkled scalps, creating a very unique appearance.
Similar to the Siamese, the Cornish Rex loves to explore every nook and cranny of your home and those around you. Besides being intelligent and curious, they are also very approachable and protective. Therefore, psychologists often advise their patients to adopt a smart cat, Cornish Rex, which is very good for the recovery process.

7. Smart cat Singapura

This cat breed from the lion island nation is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. In addition to the "little pepper" size, the Singapura cat also has the characteristics of big eyes, a drooping tail, big ears, and brown fur.
This cat is extremely hyperactive, never sitting still. They are also good at climbing, like to roam around. It is the beautiful baby appearance and the intelligence and agility that have helped the Singapura cat to be loved and widely raised in the US.

8. Smart Bengal Cat

When it comes to the smartest cats on the planet, it's impossible not to mention the Bengal cat breed. This is a breed of cat that originated in Southeast Asia and is a cross between a wildcat and a domestic cat.
With a cool leopard-like coat, it's no wonder that Bengal cats become "hot meow" and are "hunted" a lot. Many famous people and the elite have chosen this cat as a pet to enhance their "batman" luxury.
In addition, Bengal cats are also very active, naughty and like to climb due to the wild cat blood flowing in them. This is also an intelligent cat who knows how to achieve desired goals and win a lot of love as well as milk - vitamins - medicine for cats that the owner bought for him.

9. Smart Cat Savannah

Although carrying half the blood of domestic cats, Savannah still retains many wild features, from appearance to personality and living habits. They are not only large and strong, but also very flexible and intelligent like lynx.
In 2001, the intelligent cat Savannah was removed from the list of prohibited wildlife. However, the ownership of this cat breed is still controversial, even some states of the United States such as Massachusetts, Hawaii, Texas, Georgia or New York City are still very limited in keeping Savannah cats.

10. Smart cat Siamese (Siamese)

This is an ancient intelligent breed of Thai cat that has been mentioned in poetry since the 14th century. At the same time, the Siamese is also the first recognized breed of short-haired chicken in the East.
A characteristic feature of their personality is that they love to explore everything around them. There are times when you don't even know every nook and cranny of your house with the Siamese cats you have.

In addition, this cat breed often interacts and plays with humans as if it can understand the intentions of the opponent. They are said to be circus performers to keep their owners happy.
What about you, among these intelligent cat breeds, which do you think is the most intelligent? Leave a comment about your cat breed for Dog Paradise and let everyone know!

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