Monday, March 13, 2023

US intelligence: Russia does not want a direct military confrontation with the US, NATO

 A recent US intelligence report said that Russia does not want a direct military conflict with US and NATO forces.

According to the report, Russia will continue to use a range of tools to advance what it considers to be its own interests and try to undermine the interests of the United States and its allies.

US intelligence also believes that Moscow will continue to use energy as a foreign policy tool to try to coerce cooperation and undermine Western solidarity with Ukraine. Energy exporter Gazprom cut gas supplies to many European countries after they backed sanctions on Russia, sending natural gas prices soaring.

Recently, Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Security Council Dmitry Mevedev drew a "red line" of direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO. He said NATO's delivery of fighter jets to Kiev meant going to war against Russia.

Mr. Medvedev noted that training of Ukrainian soldiers to operate tanks on EU territory has already been carried out, but if it continues with the handover and training of fighters in Poland, "it will be NATO's direct military involvement against Russia".

President Putin said on February 26 that after Russia suspends the New START treaty, it will "take into account" the nuclear weapons capabilities of not only NATO countries. Putin said that the West is determined to destroy Russia, and affirmed that the military operation in Ukraine is part of the fight for Russia's own survival.

In the context of the West's military support constantly pouring into Ukraine, President Putin assessed that this conflict is an actual conflict between Russia and not only Ukraine but also NATO.

Russia has repeatedly accused the US and its allies of trying to prolong the conflict, warned the West not to supply Ukraine with weapons, and stressed that this would only escalate the conflict and cause unnecessary casualties. yes, but it doesn't change the war situation

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