Monday, March 13, 2023

Close-up of the Roman city, where time stopped for 2,000 years

 Pompeii is an ancient Roman city buried by volcanic ash, now the ruins are located in the Campania region, near the city of Naples, Italy. Pompeii and Herculaneum were both destroyed and completely buried by a two-day eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in 79. Pompeii was buried under 18 meters of ash and pumice.

The ruins were forgotten for 1,700 years until their discovery in 1748. Since then, the excavation of Pompeii has provided an insight into city life at the height of the Empire. Roman.

Today this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy, with 2.5 million visitors each year.

The objects buried beneath Pompeii have been well preserved for nearly 2,000 years due to the lack of air and moisture, so they are barely damaged. However, Pompeii has faced natural and man-made degradation following the excavation process.

Weather, erosion, light exposure, water damage, poor excavation and rebuilding methods, tourism, vandalism, and theft all contribute to site damage. Two-thirds of the city has been excavated, but the remnants of the city are rapidly deteriorating.

In order to deal with the weeds growing on the monument damaging the landscape, the site managers brought here a flock of about 150 sheep. Bringing sheep to the heritage site not only reduces the amount of weeds that are rampant, but also recalls the context of the Roman city with forests, vineyards, sheep ...

"Weeds or other plants growing on or in old walls and houses are a big problem. We try to be environmentally sustainable, avoiding the use of chemical herbicides but still making sure plants don't grow. on the ruins," said Pompeii Archaeological Park Director Gabriel Zuchtriegel.

Modern-day Pompeii resembles a satellite city of Naples, but it is here that visitors will find Europe's most fascinating archaeological site, the Roman city, where time stood still for nearly 2,000 years.

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